August 15, 2017

Inside the Color Factory

Color Factory is an Instagrammable haven; it’s a giant art installation that spans two floors and 12,000 square feet, and solely focuses on “color experiences”. Jordan Ferney, founder of Oh Happy Day is the mastermind behind direction and design of the museum. For the record, tickets are all sold out – but you may get lucky if they decide to extend it out another few months. I will keep my eye out for new information and update you if that ends up happening!

Here are a few tips if you’re visiting and want to make sure you maximize and make the most out of your day there (yes you can spend hours there):

1. Be sure to grab a Color Factory card and register with your email. Rooms throughout the space have wall-mounted cameras where you scan your registered card beneath the camera and count down to snap a photo! The photo will automatically be emailed to your inbox. How thoughtful is that?!

2. Take your time in each room. There is no time limit once you enter the museum; visitors are often the same in that they all want photos in certain rooms, so be courteous about giving people the time to take photos and they will do the same with you.

3. Try the snacks. There are a few rooms that have free snacks for you to try out – my favorite was the Charcoal Lemonade from Pressed Juicery.

4. Grab the Color Factory Neighborhood map at the entrance. Color Factory has partnered with local vendors throughout our beautiful city to give you even MORE COLORS! That’s right, they have hidden additional colorful surprises, secret menu items and funky fresh murals for your finding.

5. Sneak a peek into the bathrooms 😉

Now if you don’t want to read about every room, stop reading!

After descending the iconic rainbow staircase at the entrance of space, the first thing you’ll see is a giant rainbow wall speckled with scratch and sniff patches. The cool thing is each patch is named after a significant memory that’s typically linked to a smell. It’s really cool in theory but I honestly couldn’t smell anything, it may have all been sniffed up by the time we went!

Black and White Room // No black and white photo here

Orange Room // Oakland-based artist, Tosha Stimage designed this collection and its filled with orange objects. It is as orange-inal as it gets.

Geronimo Blue Room (in partnership with Alaska Airlines) // A literal, giant, blue balloon bubble bath!

Disco Room // Insert dance break here…cause [disco] ball so hard!

Lite Brite Room // Throwback to the Lite Brite toy! People can create their own beautiful glowing works of art in this room and it’s pretty magical.

Coloring Room // Andy J. Miller and Andrew Neyer painted outlines of all things green for this room. Visitors get to fill them in with gigantic, 6 foot markers. This room seriously takes adult coloring to the next level, and what’s really neat is they paint the room back with stencils and a blank canvas every few days. So you could really color your heart out here.

Rainbow Ribbon Room // It’s as beautiful as it looks (and then some). This installation is comprised of 10,000 hand-tied ribbons, designed by a Swedish artist, Jacob Dahlgren.

Red Stairwell // Neon happiness vibez!

Rainbow Clad Hallway // Oil painting-esque. I meant it when I said sensory overload.

Confetti Room // Confetti addicts, rejoice. This is the room where people spend the most time in because you can do so much with confetti falling from the skies (read: ceiling). This is also the room where we did a 1-2-twirl which you can check out on my Instagram.

Purple Selfie Room // This violet selfie installation by London-based artist Tom Stayte dissects how social media posts lead to instant gratification. You upload an image with the hashtag #selfie while exploring the space, which will then be sent to a printer inside this room. Every twelve seconds a new photo is printed, completely covering the floor in real social media posts that are tagged with #selfie.

Yellow Ball Pit // The finale – a ginormous ball pit filled with 220,000 yellow plastic balls. Walls are lined with yellow-hued puns and it just gives you LIFE. I thought it was very clever for this to be the last given that yellow just naturally evokes feelings of happiness and optimism. You’ll need to take your shoes off and leave your belongings to the side for this one. Lastly, be sure to stop off for ice cream samples before you exit 🙂

For those attending the pop-up museum, color yourself cray-cray! I would LOVE to hear about your trip and favorite spots – please do report back!

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