May 31, 2018

3 Reasons Why I Love Freshly Picked Moccassins + GIVEAWAY!

Freshly Picked is a company that we’ve been hooked on from the beginning, as I ordered a pair of classic cream moccs the moment I found out I was pregnant. I had been eyeing them for ages and knew they were perfect for kids since we gifted them to friends and family in the past. I love how adorable they are and I wouldn’t put it past myself if I got them in multiple colors; which is why when Freshly Picked kindly sent me this rose gold bow with scallops pair, I was ecstatic (to have another pair to put into rotation).

P.S – Freshly Picked is having a HUGE sale beginning May 4th-May 10th (if you’re a Fringe member with an account) and May 8th-10th if you’re not a member. Before I dig into why I love FP so much, let me prep you with the best way to shop this sale:

Sign up because you get early access AND you’ll be able to stack your 20% Fringe discount on top of the sale prices!

Create an account ahead of time for a quick checkout
Stock up because this sale only comes every so often
Start shopping early so you’re able to snag the ones you want, the popular styles sell out quickly
Tell your friends because friends don’t let friends miss out on great deals right?!

In any case, here’s the low down on why I love the brand so much!

1. Their products are just freaking cute. There is no denying how adorable these look on little baby feet, from tiny newborn to walking toddler. There are so many patterns, prints, colors and designs to choose from.

2. They are easy for kids to walk in. When your baby is first learning to walk it can be quite the wobbly experience – I know because I’ve been around children my entire life. When they’re cruising outside without a care, unsure of how to slow down, you get this sinking feeling they’re going to just eat it. On top of it all, you don’t want a heavy shoe to make things harder on them. These soles make it easier for them to feel the ground when walking.

3. The quality is unmatched. I know these shoes are a little expensive, but you’re actually saving money by not buying a bunch of cheaper shoes that will be uncomfortable and likely not last long. These moccs are as flexible as can be and moves with the baby’s foot which is really critical for development of their foot, especially when learning to walk.

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