July 27, 2017

On Being a Happier Soul

You and I are naturally and instinctively always in the pursuit of happiness, wouldn’t you agree? Sometimes life happens all at once and you sort of forget about yourself and your own happiness, but I’m here to remind you to take a step back and do you.

Before I dig into tips on becoming a happier soul, I want to tell you all that I’ve decided to share motivational/inspirational bits on my blog every week, entitled ‘Midweek Motivation’. This series is designed to help you kick butt, focus on self-love and really just stay motivated whether you’re in a wardrobe rut, burnt out from chasing life, struggling when it comes to creativity or in need of a little inspiration. I hope you enjoy it and if you have any requests on what you’d like me to talk about, please send them my way!

I’ll start off with my favorite happiness quote by Marcus Aurelius, “the happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts.” DEEP, I know. Science has actually proven you have the ability to change your outlook on life. It’s something that I’ve been continuously working on myself. because who doesn’t wanna feel all the good feels?

1. Smile. Ron Gutman has an excellent TED talk about the power of smiling, give it a listen if you have a few minutes! (I learned we were born smiling from him – isn’t that seriously the most beautiful thing ever?!) I’ve learned to smile more knowing that it can change your entire state of feeling and being. If you think smiling for no reason isn’t for you, then try thinking of a fun time, a loving person in your life, a perfect day to trigger that happiness.

2. Compare yourself…to yourself. I cannot express how important this is..I often found myself comparing my blog to the million others out there, but luckily realized that comparing my results to others’ results can kill my source of motivation. The truth is there will always be people ahead of you, so why not focus on yourself and the accomplishments/results in the past six months?

3. Set your own standard of happiness. You shouldn’t be happy to show the world you’re happy. Sometimes vegging out in front of the TV over the weekend gives me all the happiness in the world. And that’s okay.

4. Keep a gratitude journal. This is seriously my favorite activity of every day; I take a few minutes at the end of each day to write down 1-2 things I’m grateful for that day. Honestly, looking back at this, I don’t see how I managed to live without this daily exercise. It’s a great way to get clarity on what’s important in your life so you can make more informed decisions on what to cut out of your life.

That’s all for now! If there’s one takeaway you should note, it’s that part of becoming a happier soul is realizing you can control it.

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